Friday, April 29, 2011

Sarah Burton, the British designer who is famous

Sarah Burton
Musa Widyatmodjo not be surprised if Kate Middleton finally chose Sarah Burton as her wedding dress designer. According to her, Sarah is a young British designer who is lighter and more elegant design.

"The character of Sarah Burton was back on the rise, because the maintenance of Alexander McQueen fashion house. In addition, the collection also very casual, light and elegant woman dressed in the body," said the former chairman of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers (APPMI) legal on mobile phones on Friday (29/04/2011) contacted.

Moses did include a substantial appreciation of Kate on the steps of local designers UK.

"He is clever marriage can take advantage of the moment to the young British designer better known to introduce the world community. This was also married to the late Lady Diana did with Prince Charles," says Moses.

Legal As previously reported, a successful and image immortalized penyibak designer wedding dress secret about Kate Middleton. Based on the present evidence, the woman said to Sarah Burton.

The woman, who is said to Sarah Burton from the car and into the Goring Hotel, where Kate and the family stayed at the Royal Wedding. He wore a furry hood as she hid her face, saw and ran.

There are several indications that the mysterious woman Sarah, who has a slim body features and smooth skin by wearing a white striped shirt, blue, ankle-length pants in blue and flat ballet shoes to be confirmed. His style is very similar to Sarah.

She was even wearing a belt with silver, one of the designs on display label Alexander McQueen at Paris Fashion Week decorated in this year, including wearing a big fur hat he.

And indeed, Sarah Burton is a designer wedding dress Kate Middleton. Kate chose the label Alexander McQueen, for his work closely with the beauty and precision in every detail that made known.

She wanted a wedding dress that is to be connected in a position to elements of tradition and modernity with his artistic vision. This desire is in sync with the typical work of Alexander McQueen for this. It was therefore started from the official website of the British Empire, on Friday (04/29/2011).

Kate dress symbolizes the eternal glory of the British construction of energy-nan with talent and professionals from throughout the United Kingdom. Design a dress is a form of respect for the traditions of British art and craft, the materials and traditional skills nan simple romantic style requires. Design Sarah refers to this heritage, providing intricate detail and decoration with a distinctive character that is contemporary and feminine.

Obviously, it has managed to hide the name of the designer Kate, because he has been working "underground" with Sarah in the formulation of the design of her dress.

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