Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Paris Hilton Released cream & lotion

As the top socialite, Paris Hilton did not create the wealth of the parents relaxed and spoilage. However, from Paris to build a business around the world under their control, fashion and beauty.

Cy Waits lover had already launched several products that bears his name. From handbags, perfumes, and hair extensions. Now the 30 year old woman was sharing her beauty secrets with the launch of the collection of skin care with a name tag.

Hilton hotel chain heir who has become a successful perfume company, releasing a variety of creams and lotions, which is expected in the coming months. So it was written by Contactmusic, Monday (04/25/2011).

"We are developing a line of skin care. This is a new product we're at the top of my technology of beauty online. I had really good care of my skin, so I'll have a great product for your skin, his promotion to WENN.

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