Thursday, April 28, 2011

Married, Kate Middleton Select Natural Makeup

Kate Middleton
Most candidates are advised not to far from the norm when choosing makeup on their big day. Kate Middleton a standard that followed.

Kate seems natural to her marriage with Prince William on Friday, April 29, 2011. Barber subscription Middleton family reveal advice he gave to Kate.

"By the time he reached the end of the altar, her husband should be commended," said Richard Ward, a team of stylists Kate, Carole, and Pippa Middleton at royal wedding later.

Salon owner in London is also told how her mother and her sister have some dresses for the dress rehearsal in accordance with the appearance of their hair.

"We've done a lot of practice and not just her," he added.

When asked how her makeup on, Richard responded: "Sure."

Kate will prepare for her appearance at the Goring Hotel, Belgravia, near Buckingham Palace, on the morning of the wedding. Richard himself refused to name the designer dress she wore during the practice session tomorrow and will reveal her life.

But certainly, hairdressers subscription Middleton family for eight years, said the wife of Prince William are not changed its attitude.

"She is really nice, if a girl 29 years old. She is very nice and happy joke. He threw a joke, just like people in general, he feels very comfortable in the salon. It has not changed, he just became insured. He, frankly, "

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