Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kate Middleton wearing Pear Earring masterpiece Robinson Pelham

Kate Middleton elegance in their work clothes Sarah Burton, no doubt. Charm of a woman who was officially the wife of Prince William ever broadcast colleagues today, thanks to the diamond earrings he, as the procession of the blessing of the work of Robinson Pelham.

Views simple and elegant is so visible on the figure of Kate Middleton on Friday morning at 11:00 local time strolling down the aisle in a church blessing at the altar of Westminster Abbey. Kate looked beautiful with long ivory-white tie dress design Sarah Burton. The simplicity of her look pear-shaped earrings she wore. Earrings design inspiration comes from Middleton's family, where they contain a coat terinpirasi of war, the grain in their design could. The earrings were the same with the tiara worn Kate made. Earrings worn Kate is a special gift from their parents these happy days.

Robinson Pelham had as accessories designer Kate and the diamond earrings worn her large family designed. Kate's sister, Philippa Middleton wears earrings with flower ornaments as in it. While the combination of tourmaline and diamond crystals on the earrings beautiful designed specifically for Carole Middleton mixture. Sweep of the gold leaf with a combination of wood by the bride's father, Michael Middleton and brother of the bride, James Middleton worn.

As for shoes that are worn in these happy days, hand-made works are specially prepared by the designer Alexander McQueen. Kate wore shoes made of duchesse satin with ivory lace to justice by the Royal School of Needlework made.

When heading down the aisle, she brings a bouquet of jasmine and lily flowers design results from Shane Connolly together. Interestingly, the tradition of interest had passed through the generations. For the royal family and the family of Middleton, this flower is very important because it is the philosophy behind these ornaments. Flower lily is a symbol of the presence of happiness. Sweet William Prince William marks the fighting spirit. Hyacinth means consistency of love and the ivy is a symbol of marriage, friendship and affection. While myrtle is a symbol of marriage and love.

The contents of the bouquet are all derived from plants grown in Osnorne Myrtle House, Isle of Wight legacy of Queen Victoria in 1845. Previously only the interest from the Queen a branch of the plant, in which the interest in the Queen's wedding bouquet could be used in 1947, has planted.

In its history, traditions begins after carrying a bouquet of Queen Victoria's grandmother a bouquet of Prince Albert was given during a visit to a German Gotha. In the same year Queen Victoria and Prince Albert bought Osborne House as a stopover on his porch, where the family planted a flower bouquet that comes from him.

Myrtle was the first time used by Queen Victoria when her eldest daughter was married in 1858 and later generations, when used instead as a symbol of the sanctity of marriage.

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