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Ways of caring for many Jewellery

What woman did not like the jewelry. Yes, this looks a supplement to the preferred, because of various shapes and types. Learn how to care for your jewelry to live long.

You can mix and match a classic feminine dress with pearls or vintage jewelry. If you wish to casual, jewelry, silver or bronze seem ready to assist. Kala invited to a dinner partner, diamond jewelry can enhance your gown.

Many features of jewelry would have to balance good care. It is said that every form of jewelry require different treatments. Just follow these tips:

Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds have attractive properties of materials that grease, oil, soap, body lotion and grease from the skin of your own body. Therefore, diamond jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings regular maintenance, at least about six months. This is intended to keep radiated glow. Besides doing maintenance on the diamond shops that provide service, you will care.
  1. Make a hot water is dotted with drops of detergent.
  2. Dip your diamond jewelry in the liquid.
  3. Brush gently with a toothbrush with soft hairy affordable for dirt get to it.
  4. After brushing, rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth with pressed-way valve.
  5. Another way by soaking for 30 minutes in the water 15% already contains 70 percent alcohol or ammonia. Dry the jewelry with a soft cloth.
  6. Do not use jewelry while bathing or swimming pool water usually contains chlorine that can damage a lot of shine.
  7. How to save should be done with care, each piece wrapped in a cloth and in separate bags so as not to rub against each other and cause scratches on the diamond.

Pearl Jewelry

Unlike diamonds, pearls are highly vulnerable to chemical liquids, such as hair spray, nail polish or ammonia. These fluids can easily ruin your favorite pearl!
  1. Wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after use.
  2. Enjoying the pearl jewelry with warm water mixed with few drops of baby soap (because it contains a neutral pH). Let stand for one to two minutes, then dry with a soft cloth. Squeeze the cloth and wipe the beads in one direction, then dry with a soft, clean cloth.
  3. Shells of pearl jewelry is easy once you loose or off. Periodically turn the spine (leave it to experts in the jewelry store).
  4. Pearls are very sensitive to perfume and nail polish, add a pearl jewelry after you have finished dressing.
  5. For storage, separate from other jewelry pearl rubbed, so that no scratches and scars. Pearl jewelry store in a paper wrapper, such as bread, cotton or soft plastic foam and insert it into the jewelry box.

Gold and silver jewelry
  1. Before cleaning jewelry, jewelry used for the silver or gold from the dust and dirt on the surface clean. You can use a soft brush or a soft cloth to the friction on the surface of the jewelry to avoid.
  2. Soak the silver or gold jewelry with warm water mixed 2-3 three tablespoons baking soda or laundry detergent. Make sure the jewelry is really immersed in the solution.
  3. Let stand for 2-3 minutes, rinse with warm water and then dry with a soft cloth.
  4. You can use toothpaste or even use silver cleaning solution (available at jewelry stores) - Instructions for use mostly in the packaging.
  5. If silver strung with rocks, you should be more careful. Because there is some cleaning fluid that can damage some types of stones.
  6. Necklace and bracelet are shaped and easily confused chain must be stored by hanging.
  7. For silver and gold luster not disappear, of light and air. Wrap with waterproof paper, silica, plastic or metal containers. Then in plastic and store in a dark place.
  8. White gold jewelry that you need to gild every 12-18 months. With gold, white gold jewelry that you will shine like new.

Bronze Jewelry

Although not a trend, there is nothing wrong Moms collecting bronze jewelry. Moreover, treating the bronze jewelry was not too difficult, because many inexpensive materials around us that can be used to clean it.
  1. Enjoying silver jewelry is mixed with hot water 2-3 tablespoons tamarind water or tomato sauce. Make sure the jewelry is really immersed in the solution.
  2. Let stand for 2-3 minutes then dry with a soft cloth. Make sure the jewelry is completely dry to prevent damage.
  3. You can also use a special cleaning liquid bronze (available from jewelers or store chemicals) and then cleaned according to instructions in the box use.
  4. How easy to store, can be anywhere as long as the place is clean and not too moist for the fungus is not harmful to the beauty of bronze jewelry you posted. To keep the temperature so that no use of silica gel moist. Enter a pack of silica gel in a jewelry box. But certainly are not directly exposed to the jewelry, if necessary, wrap silica gel with a tissue.

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