Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Belle Noel, Kim Kardashian Latest Jewelry Labels

Kim Kardashian
Outbreaks of the artist opened his own jewelry line was also plagued beautiful star Kim Kardashian. Kim used the name Belle Noel for the label.

Women born in Los Angeles is launching 75 pieces of jewelry that is the result of collaboration with celebrity jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad. The launch was marked with a party at Revolve Clothing, Los Angeles.

Version jewelry Kim this time presents the variation versatile, so it can be used daily and for formal purposes. Kim hopes that it launched jewelry can enhance the appearance of women all the time, such as leather bracelets, anklets, bracelets glam, and others.

"I think every woman should be to emphasize benefits. I love earrings and you can wear them in line with the clothes you wear," he said, as quoted by Glamour, on Tuesday (22 / 2 / / 2011 ).

Various jewelry Kim priced under 175 USD .

Kim also shared tips for jewelry care.

"I hate wearing jewelry when the day was cold, so I have to blow dry my jewelry to keep warm," he said.


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