Thursday, February 17, 2011

Christina Hendricks New icon Vivienne Westwood

Christina Hendricks
Cristina Hendricks will be a model for his favorite designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood with the latest jewelry collection.

Actress 'Mad Men' is famous for her sexy figure was eventually chosen as the iconic British designer collections of luxury jewelry. This is the biggest dream finally became a reality for him.

"I have so much fun one day where I could try the latest collections of Vivienne's. He's my favorite designer. As a woman, of course I'm very interested in the collection published Vivienne's. Although not afford, I would cut pictures magazine. Right now I only have one item in the closet, "said Christian, such as Female First released on Wednesday (16/02/2011).

When first he could only see the collection of Vivienne ngimpi displayed in boutique luxury, Christina now free to borrow. Christina also praised the dress Vivienne's.

"It's much more comfortable, not like other designers," said Christian.

Although he was not the purpose of the award this season, many people who praised a number of clothing they are wearing. Chris will only be able to give an Oscar.

"I was not nominated, so I'll look at home wearing pajamas," he said.

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