Thursday, February 17, 2011

The latest L-Cup Bra for breast super

L Cup Bra
If you are not comfortable with a worn bra size, not to worry. Recently, a new lingerie holding a cup size, namely L.

The size of households is still not big enough for you? Relax, this time you do not need to hassle to find the right size.

A retail company specializing in producing large size underwear, Bravissimo, finally meets the needs of women of bra size. Bra question is L-cup bra that has a size of 28 inches. Two years ago, the company also has families which took the bra cups measuring 20 inches.

"Our research shows that 40 percent of women would use a cup size D to the top,"said spokesman Bravissiom, as quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (17/02/2011).

The need for a bra cup size larger based on the fact that many women their lifestyle and diet change. Now, more and more women are overweight.

"Women need time to see if they really take wearing the right size," said Luis Pare Less, Lingerie magazine editor.

"cup bra size L is the largest size I've ever heard," he added.

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