Friday, February 11, 2011

Formulas Based Face Shape Short Hair

Short hairstyle
Many women do not trust myself with short hair "because it does not match the face shape. And with the right pieces and styles, short hair can actually correct the shape of the face.

The so-called short hairstyle, which is the limit on her shoulders, or until superpendek Spikey style. So if you are bored with the long hair, cut it to present different viewpoints. But before deciding on short hair style that you select, you first face shape.

Before the owner of a round face, heart-shaped or square, you should choose a short hairstyle is limited to the base of the neck above the shoulder with the anterior capsule asymmetrical. It can also cut back its higher than the front. Or add accents shaggy on the cheek.

"This piece makes it look more Gaunt cheekbones and proportionate, " said Osmond Kitrana, Marketing & Communications Supervisor Jhonny Andrean after the launch of a trend "Shortie: Short hair, Long Last" at the Decanter Wine House, Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta, recently .

If the owner of elongated face, you can vote is limited to a short cut cheek, with the front hair pony flat or can be split with the front hair to the side.

And congrats to the owner of the proportional emaciated face, because you can choose freely from a variety of short hair, for sure every application.

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