Monday, February 21, 2011

Gwen Stefani's son Trendy Walk Runway

Son of Gwen Stefani, Kingston Rossdale was provided in line to star as the coolest looking guy in Hollywood. Apparently, when appearing to accompany his mother on the stage runway, Kingston looks beautiful in the eyes of many trendy.

While wearing a wee, pants that have been modified soldiers, equipped with a jacket that was left open, Kingston looks more attractive with a ponytail hair.

"He (Kingston) ran out to catch Gwen," a source told the people after the fashion show Gwen Stefani designs.

Not surprisingly, four years boy had been willing to become part of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which took place on Thursday (17 / 2) again.

"They were happy to be here, they're excited, " says Gwen Stefani on her sons Kingston and Zuma for the show.

"They are familiar with the (fashion show)," he continued.

Two boys blonde woman turned a fascination with the world of fashion have.

"Yes, they both took fashion. With such strength, I forced them to dress every time," said Gwen.

The concept of the fashion show, Gwen explains: "We have decided to split the collection into several categories. a messy girl, glamor girl, the girl full of atmosphere, and the girl soldiers And we do fashion shows with a small miniature with a different hairstyle and make up a melody. "

When the fashion show, Gwen seems some fans sitting in the front row, including designer Christian Siriano.

"I love Gwen. He opened the way for the many women in this business," he concluded.

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