Friday, February 18, 2011

Sex and the City, Inspiration Wedding Dress of Fairoza-Galih

Fairoza A Rafiq
The celebrity couple Fairoza A Rafiq and Galih Ginanjar will marry next month. For international bridal fashion, they took inspiration from the movie, one of those "Sex and the City".

Fairoza or confidential called Fai said he was inspired wedding dress from the movie "Hang On" and "Sex and the City" (SATC), including designer Vivienne Westwood's dresses worn by Sarah Jessica Parker. International dress will be worn at a reception March 12, 2011 at Waterpark Pecatu Indah, Bali.

"The model that is baseball complex. Although tail and lots of sequins, still seems simple. For if it be just for evening events are also a good baseball," he said after demonstrating Bridal wedding John's dress on the big Wedding Expo at JCC, Jakarta, Friday (18 / 2 / 2011).

More in detail, Fai said that the colored wedding dresses "off white" with a touch of green in color and intersecting Sabrina on the arm. FAI galih and entrust the design of wedding dress to John, the owner of John's Bridal.

"Uncle John like my shoulder, so it made poor Sabrina. And because my hips, heels baseball just below the breasts, "said Rafiq A daughter pedangdut this.

Meanwhile, to make up, make-up is recommended Fai impressive, the soft contours of her face it, it was very strict.

"If the hair, later the Balinese environment and not tilted to the right and given flowers are given,"added the 23-year-old woman.

For Galileo, the wedding dress is the design of Harry Palmer with matching shades with Fai.

"I am both consulting all the Uncle John, .. clothes, makeup, hair, He is very detailed, for instance about the comfort it or not I am with the dress she designed, I know a good wedding dress fitting see my sister, "said this woman of Arab descent.

Both will be married on March 5, 2011 in Jakarta and has a reception on March 12, 2011 in Bali.

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