Friday, February 4, 2011

Sexy Lingerie Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day

Sexy Lingerie Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day
Still confused about what gifts he had given her on Valentine's Day? If so, the girls from Victoria's Secret give a special gift you can be offered to him on Valentine's Day.

Victoria's Angel ranks among Brazilian model Adriana Lima, model newcomer from South Africa, Candice Swanepoel, like the American model Lily Aldridge. Victoria's Third Angel is included in Victoria's Secret campaign launched the latest collection on the day of love to mark.

Models are not reluctant to show off sexy body that a new line that is labeled promotes "Love Push-Up Collection. " So that was quoted by Daily Mail, Friday (4/2/2011).

In the video embedded advertising in New York, the model was clear in talking about their love story. Lily is King Of Leon frontman, Caleb Followill says he's a charm in the eyes of a member of the band during a school girl.

And he succeeded in a rocker fiance surprised. The reason is, women over 25 years, said he was in love with a staff of the U.S. boy band, New Kids On The Block.

"The first time I love, I am convinced that the New Kid On The Block. At that time, I was four and is a wonderful thing. You know, so many emotions, " he said with a laugh.

Victoria's Angel Lily and colleagues share their thoughts on love in an exclusive video that the latest sexy lingerie giant display.

Model is wearing a bra sexy body latest from Victoria's Secret, which helped increase the size of each breast.

In the video clip of the ad, the mother of a child Adriana Lima suggest everyone should "often kiss" on the day equal to the romance.

"It's all about the love given to friends and family. So many kisses, much love, many hugs. Give some compassion, " said 29-year-old woman.

In her bra and panties, Candice Swanepoel, and Heatherton Erin also joined in the fun filming the ad.

Candice (22), looked sensual in a new line of lingerie famous. South African origin model, displaying a narrow waist and big breasts as she poses for the camera, so he succeeded in achieving the main goal of the campaign to describe.

"The theme today is love, I am representing them in a natural, because it's all about love," he said, smiling sweet.

Illinois model Erin Heatherton a more sexy approach to a new line of Victoria's Secret.

"Who does not lift as sexy," he said shyly, looking sexy to the camera.

In the video, the lingerie giant company also launched a new perfume that has been labeled "Noir. Love Me"


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