Thursday, February 3, 2011

Amy Childs New Caprice Lingerie Icons

Amy Childs
Fantastic sexy body that would become the main capital for lingerie models. The capital is owned by Amy Childs to choose a new icon Caprice underwear.

Star reality show "The only way is Essex" was chosen as the latest icon Caprice lingerie collection. Women 20 years of age, appear on the card in its five members, payment Capricho Underwear Spring / Summer 2011.

This clearly represents a new advancement to the Caprice. The reason is, since its launch in 2006, the brand of underwear is always the company's founder, Caprice (39 years) as a model.

"Amy looked stunning in her latest collection," Caprice said, quoted by ABC, Wednesday (02/02/2011).

"She has big eyes like Bamby impressive curves appeared healthy and beautiful breasts, " he said.

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