Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fashion on Line Online

Fashion Online
In the past, fashion is not for everyone. Fashion symbolize exclusivity, status symbol, and luxury lifestyle. But now, all that changed. Internet bridges in fashion to street level. Rapidly growing high street fashion, personal style is expressed through fashion and fashion in individual identity. All the people now associate with fashion. In short, fashion for men fashion for everyone.

Not only fashion closer to the community, the Internet enables all people to be Anna Wintour and Suzy Menkes and Hilary Alexander, fashion media lords. Blogs devoted to disseminating information about fashion mushroomed across the globe. Become an alternative media for those who thirst for fashion information, even the birth "star" new, like Bryan Boy and Tavi Gevitson, thanks to their famous fashion blog.

More fashion news brief comes in the hands of consumers through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Do not have a ticket for access to limited fashion show? Not to worry, live streaming internet can bring to fashion lovers around the world as a watch in the front row.

"Internet changing fashion, " said Pauline Thomas Westin site caretaker. Additionally, Thomas said, over the Internet, consumers can now even directly communicate with the designer. Via Twitter can publish a consumer praise, questions, or steam, simply by adding the identity of the designer account. While passing you, the consumer can continue to work with the perpetrator of fashion, or giving thumbs-up or comments on status, photos, videos and links that they publish.

So do not be surprised if many players mode now "embracing"the Web as part of a marketing promotion strategy as well. Christopher Bailey, Burberry Creative Director went even further with a virtual three-dimensional show in several cities at once, it might be a way to save time and fees for buyers who can not travel to Paris. While Diane von Furstenberg never missed to update the information, both on Facebook and Twitter. The Carolina Herrera presents fashion on the iPhone application that can facilitate consumers in choosing the collection.

International Fashion Week now have a special room with rows of computers with internet ekstracepat fashion blogger that the media will also publishes several reports of current events.

"We know how important the Internet for fashion. why we have a blogging station for the fashion bloggers who want to immediately update his blog with the latest collections of designers," said Peter Levy, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Fashion, the organizer of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

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