Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Colorful autumn

Colorful autumn Victoria Beckham
Somber palette often dominate the perpetrators during the fall fashion collection. It is not the case with Victoria Beckham is actually present on the stage colorful New York Fashion.

Palette of bright yellow, fuchsia, red, blue and green colors of the latest collection at New York Fashion Week, Posh. Even with gold details diaplikasikannya a motif in several collections.

Unlike the series of fashion designers who choose the most distinctive dark palette of autumn, fashionistas who currently works as a designer who just presenting diverse palette to the appearance and the weather turned cold filling.

Not only in terms of color, the show Victoria was present berbeda.Lebih ripe and full of sophistication that makes it even more acceptable in the fashion world's elite class.

In an interview with the Guardian, Victoria says, "Without criticism I have received so far, no maybe I can at this position."

Victoria maturity in making the work is shown through a more loose silhouette, design lines are cleaner, more elegant and breath that total. He also presented his work-100, a double crepe wrap dress, and with collaborations with Christian Louboutin collection simply in celebration of Valentine's Day.

The Victoria Beckham collection show held in private in one of townhousedi Upper East Side, New York. Background seductive Barbra Streisand, Victoria presents her collection one by one, while providing narration about the design.

As his collection last spring, the latest designs for fall and winter 2011/2012 inspired everyday life. Constructive striped dress in black and white palette looks so graceful embrace the body of the model.

Meanwhile, work shoes Louboutin design with a sweet counterpart. In fact, a part of his collection of sweaters (hoodies) so it can be an alternative to dress for Islamic women.

"I think the colors are rich, "said Victoria commented on his collection of full color.

The brand collection for the cold weather, using wool and jacquard Victoria as the main material.

Not just clothes, Victoria said, after designing 100 different clothing, he had begun to spread to low collection. For the collection of jackets, put the wife of footballer David Beckham style long jacket even features chic yang belt. The style is now synonymous with Victoria Beckham.


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