Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kate Moss Design Own Wedding Dress

Kate Moss
Kate Moss boyfriend Jamie Hince has received a proposal in early February. British supermodel is too busy with her wedding, which will be held on July 2. Interestingly, he designed the wedding dress itself. Wow!

Long in the fashion industry makes Moss knows a lot about fashion. He also plans to design her wedding dress itself. This is expressed by the famous designer Vivienne Westwood is a close friend of Moss. So that was launched from Aceshowbiz, Tuesday (02/22/2011).

Beautiful blonde woman was busy planning her summer wedding after the official voice of Jamie Hince. But instead of asking the friend a designer to make her wedding dress, Moss actually design their own dream of the perfect dress.

"In my opinion he was the design itself. He's the same for collection of fashion design output done and he knows about clothes. He knew what he did, he did not need my help," said Westwood.

"Kate is my friend. I've had it for years, and I am very happy for him," he concluded.

The Kills frontman Jamie Hince Kate sought to use an old ring of 1920. Application held on Tuesday, February 1 at night, when couples who had a girlfriend that was three years in the bed.

Before applying, she had asked the blessing of her parents, Linda and Peter. The couple are now planning their wedding and have decided on July 2, when the wedding day. Kate plans to hold a massive party.

Prior to anchoring the heart to Jamie, she never went out with a number of celebrities like Johnny Depp and the rock star Pete Doherty. Kate has an eight-year-old child, Lila Grace, from a relationship with magazine publisher Jefferson Hack.


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