Thursday, February 17, 2011

60's style, its trends Order 2011

Short Hair Style
Glamorous and sexy are two words that Coiffeurs International des des Dames (ICD) echoed the hair trends for 2011. Influenced styles that were presented to women 60s era.

ICD is the world organization with a hairdresser of them in Indonesia. By the cold hands of the members of the ICD Indonesia, including Peter and Alex Steven Lim of Medan, Lina Tanubrata of Yogyakarta, and Bandung Hetty Hetty Kosasih Salimulana, the models demonstrate the hairstyle trends for 2011.

Hair trends adapted version of the "Most Beautiful Hair Paris" with cutting techniques attractive, beautiful colors, and stylish. Peter Lim as the fashion director of the ICD Indonesia stated that its trends in 2011 is divided into four categories.

Uniqueness of each category, a braid, crimples (alloy blond color with a darker color), Bob, golf, and the impression of cutting sorted retro, vintage, and glamorous style of women's 60s era Paris produces.

Cosmic Trip

The impression of wild, young and crazy. It is quite a complicated style, while still in a state where wet, hair cut, so the top of the classical form wavy hair, followed by curling her hair and braided hair mentata together and enhanced with subtle styling blow.

Earth Folk

Zig Zag Crimples from the root to the tip of her. Followed by Sasak and grammar with hairpins continue the process of hairspray, combine or rotate all the hair on the head. Let the rest of the hair falling down.

Mad Men

An assessment of pieces on the inside of the hair of the neck where the area behind the ear is used as a center for the upper part protrudes into the future to create. A piece of short bob but still looks and glamorous style retro nan 1960.

Ethnic Barocco

Process an order that the blow-bangs in the front with a flat iron, followed by the hair braiding and then re-arrange the escape using a flat iron.

"Basically, the style, we introduce this time is the style for those who view a high sense of fashion (haute couture-ED), in which the hair is more daring and complicated, " says Rudy Hadisuwarno, President of Indonesia legal ICD after the ceremony "Asia Best Hair" in Airman Planet Restaurant, Hotel Sultan, Jakarta, Wednesday (16/02/2011).

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