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Behind the gloss Diamonds

Behind the gloss Diamonds
Diamonds is synonymous with luxury, elegance and timeless. However, there is indeed a different story behind the glitter of diamonds, of theft, intrigue, strife, to rumors of a curse.

The price of a diamond particles are bonded to a platinum Tiffany output can indeed eyebrows winced. However, the meanings behind the diamond symbolizes eternal love, make it worth the price offered.

Diamond can be said to have become the identity of the owner of elegance and luxury. This sparkling pearl can actually see social status of the wearer. Brilliant luster of the pearls of the earth to make a lot of hands. However, the price strangle the neck makes some people were forced to take the company symbol of eternal dream of deleting.

Not only are diamonds, other precious jewelry is no less valuable. Many other gems that pencintanya hunted for the myths about rock properties of a high value that the aura and the happiness of the owner may increase.

The value of a jewelry set of things. Designer Jewels Djafar Erna said, the value of the jewelry to see the color, design, cutting, and the glow it emits. More and more cutting, it is increasingly determining the brilliance of the stone.

Erna said, bought more for fashion stone jewelry and collectibles. It can also be purchased for a special gift on special occasions.

"Meanwhile, if used for investment, it would be better for a diamond with a carat to choose," he said.

But it just would not be obtained cheaply. Diamonds are a powerful charm jewelry. Not infrequently these gems in the spotlight of attention, especially in combination with elegant precious metal wrapped.

Both of valuables such as timeless. Its existence was immortalized as the various myths that accompany it. The uniqueness of diamond was unparalleled. Enter the slightest fingerprint would be natural that a diamond with one another.

This is exactly what makes the diamond more brilliant than other diamonds. The more facets in the diamond, the light beam and refracted light produced when a rainbow of brilliant colors. The higher the value.

Behind the sheen that radiates an aura of luxury, some diamond has its own story that often makes the diamond was the target of collectors. One of the most famous diamonds that have a long history since the 17th century, is the Blue Hope.

Blue Diamond, which is now a collection of the Smithsonian National History Museum in Washington DC, USA, has a story that can be traced back to India, where diamonds are a part of the sculpture Sprott. In 1669 a French trader, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a 115-carat blue diamond worth to France, believed to be pieces of the beginning of hope.

Tavernier then sell those diamonds and jewels and other treasures of King Louis XIV to exchange titled. Of Louis XIV in France, hope keeps changing hands, even disappeared after the French Revolution, and came in the 19th century in the hands of John Francillon who bought a diamond in London.

Hand Francillon, Blue Diamond changes hands back to the family of Hope, where the blue diamond gets its name now. Family of hope, the story of the curse that came with scattered diamonds and add "value " of these diamonds.

Hope keeps changing hands, big names such as Cartier, socialite Evalyn Walsh McLean, and Harry Winston diamonds are associated with it, before it later became the Smithsonian.

To this day, carrying more than 100,000 visitors have seen in the hope that depicted in Winston Gallery at the Smithsonian National History Museum since Winston donated it in 1958.

"In fact, not a Hollywood drama for so long and complicated story of Hope to make," said David Royle, Executive Vice President of Programming and Production Smithsonian Museum.

In addition to Hope, another diamond with a long history of making it as one of the most famous diamonds in the world are The Great Star of Africa. Pear shaped diamond valued at 530.2 carats was cut from Cullian, 3106 carats worth of diamonds, which claimed the largest rough diamond ever found.

Diamonds are mined in the Transvaal, South Africa, in 1095. Now the biggest piece of property was a part of the British Empire. Another blue diamond named in the ranks of the world's most famous diamond is the Orloff. However, if the dark blue hope, Orloff is worth 300 carats is a green bar, which makes it look brighter when exposed to light.

Like hope, Orloff came from India and believed to form part of the statue of the god in the temple are Sriangam. If the hope of India to travel to France, instead of Orloff India sailed in the Netherlands.


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