Friday, February 11, 2011

Short hair can show Glamor

Apart from the face, short hair must be aligned with individual character. Yet, the short hairstyles not to impress a tomboy.

Short hairstyles can still present your personality that leans toward the feminine. The key lies in the care and appearance other supporting element.

"Short hair must for women who tomboy baseball. The problem is the styling and overall appearance. In addition to a fine hair, overall appearance should also make up, accessories, support, and clothing are also good," said Osmond Kitrana, Marketing & Communications Supervisor Jhonny Andrean after the launch of a trend "Shortie: Short hair, Long Last" at the Decanter Wine House, Plaza Kuningan, Jakarta, recently.

If you want a formal style, short hair can be neatly laid out with its front side, back or smooth. This style will point to the clean side of the smart and chic.

For an informal style, short hair can use a lotion or hair wax, of course, made by any exposed sharp texture in the hair layer. This style will make the hair look more mischievous, stylish and edgy.

Glamorous style can also be created by giving a small volume on the back of the hair, curly or acted upon. As a result, the force feminine, glamorous and sexy.

"Look at Rihanna, 'at least learn" a hair (asymmetric-ed piece), she can look glamorous on the red carpet, the very formal. He nurunin hair, wearing a necklace, accessories, makeup perfect. All returns to the total look, "he said.

Trends in short hair can also be equipped with the right hair color, consistent with the look you want highlighted, and the personality of each woman.


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