Sunday, January 2, 2011

Geri Halliwell Release Clothing Pool

Geri Halliwell
Former Spice Girl singer Geri Halliwell released the clothing pool for the British High Street. According to Geri, fashion design pool with a brand "Geri Next" made for women to look confident when wearing it, whatever the shape of her body.

Geri said: "All this inspires confidence in swimming costume that looks good for all types of body shape. This collection is really for women of all body shapes and sizes. Just mix and match, you can use the collection to give up for you."

"Collection of outdoor clothing will make you look good and feel great," added Geri, as reported by First Female, Saturday (01/01/2011).

Geri describes a collection of "Geri by Next" was released with an affordable price, where such a collection of two-piece leopard print illustrations, black swimsuit with a part without a back, and purple bathing suit with ribbon accents, the whole shooting took place in Miami .

A spokesman said Geri, Geri was so involved in every stage of the process, even from the design.

He said: "Geri berjibaku with the whole process and every detail of the collection phase. This collection, he is treated as a child."

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