Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kate Middleton Asked to Wear England New Designer

Kate Middleton
Previously rumors circulating that Kate Middleton will choose to renowned designer Bruce Oldfield to design her wedding dress. However, there are notes for Prince William's fiancé Liam uses a new designer.

Contribution came from Harold Tillman, the leader of the British Fashion Council. She reasoned, she would also help the careers of new designers to use their services.

"We want Kate provide an opportunity for new designers and have never heard his name, as long as he is a British designer, of course," said Harold, as quoted by Female First, Tuesday (01/25/2011).

She decided not to secrets about the designer of her dress to reveal until that happy day come April next year. The 29-year-old woman wanted to give a surprise to her future husband.

"We have no leaks about her designer dress. She wanted it a surprise for Prince William on their wedding day. designer dresses are still subject to change, so only we can explain, " said a spokesman for Clarence House.

"April 29 will be a very meaningful day for them, and took part in almost every aspect of your wedding needs. Decision making is very difficult and time spend," he added.


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