Monday, January 17, 2011

Bruce Oldfield, Kate Middleton Wedding Dress Designer?

Kate Middleton
Corpses, Kate Middleton is the most important decision since accepting applications Prince William. Candidate Princess of Wales in the future has selected designers to create her wedding dress. Who is the lucky designer?

However, sources told People have not the identity of a designer dress by hundreds of millions of people around the world on April 29, is revealed. Designer name remains a secret, for the desired second pair. So that was quoted from People, Monday (17/01/2011).

In the middle of speculation, Bruce Oldfield re-name entered in the list of wedding dress designer named Kate Middleton. The reason, Kate's mother Carole and her sister Pippa was caught on camera in the direction of his store in Knightsbridge, London.

News photos published in the UK to show the world, she and her daughter to walk around and visit shops Oldfield after lunch at San Lorenzo restaurant.

"It's a big hint that he (Bruce Oldfield) was selected to the royal wedding dress design," said one source. Yet there was no confirmation from the store on Oldfield.

Meanwhile, the palace spokesman said: "This is the intention of Miss Middleton to keep secret dress for the bride on their wedding day, like every bride privilege."

Oldfield, a favorite designer of Princess Diana. But so far the Oldfield has not commented on the news who said he wedding dresses for Middleton.

Only when he said in a statement in December last year, "Kate is a great figure, she will be a great performance in every way."


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