Friday, December 31, 2010

Rihanna's collaboration with Topshop

Rihanna is said to have tested the new profession as a designer. The reason often heard 22-year-old singer had been with Topshop clothing line.

It is not unreasonable, singer from Barbados is caught on camera had a dinner with the owner of UK retailer Sir Phillip Green.

Everyone knows that the ex-lover Matt Kemp was very pleased with clothing store Topshop. Earlier this year, as part of a contest, she was styled by some fans in London, located in Topshop Oxford Circus. In the action, he wore a shirt reading "Rihanna wears a Tutu in London."

"Just Dinner w / Simon Cowell Philip Green, and Lucian G., and Ashley (thank you) @ Sandy Lane! Incredible night, " he wrote in a Twitter cited Hello Beautiful, Thursday (12/30/2010).

Topshop stores in the United States (U.S.) first opened in New York's Soho district in April 2009. Since the opening of the Topshop U.S., the direct recognition of citizens and celebrities.

As previously reported, the singer worldwide via the single "Umbrella" was indeed a businessman at an early age. He founded his own company called Entertainment Rihanna. At age 22, she felt mature enough to correctly handle the business aspects of his career.

"You can not be too much responsibility without the ability to deal responsibly with it, " Rihanna added in an interview with USA Today newspaper.

"So I waited until the right time. Now, business is something that should be much more serious. I feel like really old now run. Business has made me grow up," he concluded.


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