Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beautiful makeup, Gwen Stefani So new face of L'Oreal

Gwen Stefani
Beautiful makeup, Gwen Stefani So new face of L'Oreal
Gwen Stefani was elected as the new face of L'Oreal Paris. He went to dye infallible lip Le Rouge promotion.

Gwen Stefani latest lip colors, the output of L'Oreal in his debut campaign. Singer designers followed in the footsteps of other celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria and Beyonce Knowles who had become an icon of L'Oreal.

"I can not believe a model for L'Oreal Paris. I just love playing with performances on stage or in video clips. It has always been one of my favorite parts incorporated in a band," he said as quoted by Female First, Saturday (01/15/2011).

"To work with a group of modern and talented people is really something special. I am the happiest woman,"this 41-year-old woman continued.

Owner L.A.M.B. This fashion line earlier revealed that he was always obsessed with makeup. Even as a child, Gwen begged his friends to their mother's makeup to steal so she could play with makeup.

"I always thought the beauty. I was the girl who was like, try asking your mom if we could play with clothes or makeup. " Try to guess, I do the same thing now as I did when I was 10 year, "he said.

"I know I'm vain. I have so much makeup, I'm not joking. I am a woman who wants to wear baggy jeans, but do not forget to wear heavy makeup," he said.


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