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Tips for buying shoes

Tips for buying shoes
For many women, shoes are fashion items that have become final key aspect. Not infrequently, women spend a lot of will to arrive at a shoe or shoes that the clothes fit now.

In fact, many women who buy shoes without taking into account the comfort factor, seeing only the beautiful shape.

After suffering blisters and pain in joints, women blame themselves for their suffering. If these conditions are experienced, hide the shoe is a better choice, sometimes wearing a shabby old shoe, and comfortable.

Well, before you try to start shoe shopping deh a look at a few beauty tips Genius follows:

Quality shoes

To avoid disappointment even, it is important to remember that the primary key of sustainable footwear is a good quality with comfort and convenience.

Before the coveted pair of shoes, you should carefully consider every inch of shoe from the foot and heel.

If the material used in the skin, then look at the points to be flexible and elastic, especially in the heel. You can do something to reduce the heel and foot to whether or not to verify comfortable shoes. If you have good quality, it will dent.

The next step, feel the same region as a whole. On the edge of your toes and heels should not be felt outside. At the same time inside the heel to the inside is not too strong or curves.

Sole and coating

Another step is to check the plant and the lining of the shoe. Make sure the soles are made as close as possible to the foot for comfort for the user. Soles of shoes should not be attached to the shoe. The inside of the heel is not too assertive. Traces of anatomy similar to the shape of the foot.

Additionally, you notice a layer of the shoe. The reason small dark spots on the feet. If you can not resist buying these shoes, so make sure you spray buy shoes, too.

How to try on shoes

The next step, we will try to shoes! It is very important to know the right size, always try on both shoes before a final decision.

Drag your weight from heel to toe to check if there is enough room for your toes. Marketing is often said that expanding the shoe when you wear it. These requests may be true, but keep in mind that you'll have people who break the rules.

Forced to wear tiny shoes certainly not fun. At the same time, wear shoes that are too loose or big it will not look good on your feet.

So when your feet too much space to meet in a pair of shoes, they "refuse"from the narrow shoes.

Wearing shoes in the house

Wearing shoes in the house after buying it. This method will be able to verify that the correct decision. If you think something is wrong with a pair of new shoes, you can return or exchange.

Because the shoe is generally a 30 day warranty, but some producers that he extend the deadline. It's a good idea to ask the seller to ask questions about the warranty before making a transaction.

Choose a size appropriate fee

Choose a shoe model, the "classic", especially their rights. Review of high security to health. For example, a chain opened with the right shoe as high as five to seven centimeters. Although the optimum height for men is 1.5 inches.

If you need to walk a lot, it is preferable to choose shoes practices in neutral colors or not the details of color, strapless, or decorative, and low heels.

Choose shoes that fit the body

It is important to consider when choosing the size. The taller women are advised not to heels. Plump woman body is much better in high heels and stable.

Shoes with rope decoration and rope will certainly attract the attention of passers-by, if you need melakoni pedicure by wearing them.

Light-colored horizontal line that visually make the legs appear shorter, while the beige sandals, they look older.


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