Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gold and diamonds shine Hurry Fashionista

A jewelry valued at its beauty. However, do not stop. Things that valuable jewelry is the quality of all its constituent materials and production techniques and art production techniques, trends and lifestyle combine.

Nobody denies that the jewelry is a friend of the woman. However, the reality is somewhat shifted due to the ever changing lifestyle. Now not only the womenfolk who like the beauty of precious metals and gems to enjoy the man not to lose the thirst for luxury goods.

If the first wife will be even more beautiful and confident stance with the coil in the neck jenjangnya diamond necklace, this time he had done no less interesting to the package bertahtakan diamond watches.

Gold is still the belle of the metal pads Platinium than diamond. The reason is gold in a time may be used as investment for the owner. Precious metals is one of the most profitable investment portfolio.

Investors assess the gold and other precious metals and commodities has become a means of protection when faced with an investment of political and economic uncertainty. Gold and Platinum is now seen as a safe investment in times of crisis threats. Not only that, as part of fashion, both precious metals have a very important function. Her presence is a person different. Various accessories are offered, or made of gold, silver, Platinum, and other materials of course the more easier for those who want to look trendy.

Accessory offered product lines became more and more, from a pen to luxury watches. And, even designer jewelry spread to another product. Call it an embroidered bags and clothing bertahtakan gold and diamonds. The price? Obviously exorbitant. However, for collectors and jewelry lovers, it does not become an obstacle.

Not surprisingly, in fashion, rings, bracelets, necklaces and jewel-studded watches to accessories needed the fashionista. The booster image is no longer just crap. With the presence of shiny gems that adorn the wearer's body, prestigious and fashionable image directly to assist. Especially when the world's leading manufacturers of jewelry in droves invaded Indonesia. Urban society must have been familiar with a variety of brands including Cartier jewelry, Felice, Folli Follie, and Diamantez Korloff.

Also single-class luxury brand watches like Tag Heuer, Rolex, Baume & Mercier, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels and Chopard. All reputable manufacturers of accessories that are not wrong to want to target the Indonesian market. As the country with a population of over 220 million euros, this means a very large market share. Not because of the added level of society as consumerism is high enough. That set the trend accessories widespread among the beau monde of Indonesia. So it is with stones.

Diamond can be said to have become the identity of the owner of elegance and luxury. This sparkling jewel it could indicate social status of the wearer. Brilliant luster of the pearls of the earth to make a lot of hands.

However, the price strangle the neck makes some people were forced to take the company symbol of eternal dream of deleting. Not only are diamonds, other precious jewelry is no less valuable. Many other gems that pencintanya due to the myth of the rock properties of the high value that the aura and the happiness of the owner can increase hunted. The value of a jewel is determined by many things.

Designer Jewels Djafar Erna said, the value of the jewelry to see the color, design, cutting, and the glow it emits. More and more cutting, it is increasingly determining the brilliance of the stone. Erna said, bought more for fashion stone jewelry and collectibles. It can also be purchased for a special gift on special occasions. Meanwhile, if used for investment, it would be better for a diamond with a carat to choose. It is not easy to get.

As is known, quality diamond is a white diamond. Or enter in Grade D, which means 100 percent white. Diamonds diamonds are usually sold with a Class D to G, or reaches 97 percent white. Below grade, the diamond look yellow or opaque. Moreover, quality diamonds have a high level of clarity, both inside and outside. However, diamonds with the highest prices fell on diamond aka colorless diamond is colorless.

Diamonds are a powerful charm jewelry. Not infrequently these gems in the main spotlight, especially when combined with elegant precious metal wrapped. Both of valuables such as timeless. Its existence was immortalized as the various myths that accompany it. The presence of this remarkable stone circle not only beautiful on the ring finger can also be attached to the ear with a sweet, luxurious look and even hugged the neck of the user.

Not only that, diamonds and gold are now present in the form of watches, was popular high-end metropolitan circles. Jewel has a lot of famous friends everyday world. Examples Uma Thurman and Meg Ryan. Both women are loyal friend to make diamonds in a variety of activities. Luster brilliant diamond as an accessory was used as a form of perfection a person in a social environment.

It has also been the target of Tiffany & Co.. Tiffany & Co. Diamond described the perfection of one figure by the brilliant shine that because 80 facets and 32 facet cut diamond is in addition to the normal. Magnetic diamond Tiffany's has become the focus of attention. Shine has added an aura of beauty in the top U.S. women worldwide. Simple design lines that will highlight the elegance of diamonds.

Especially when a beam fell on. Radiant shine of precious gems are increasingly adding to the beauty of the user. Radiant beauty of a diamond stone is also seen from the depths of the original color of the stones. For example, blue, pink or yellow is a favorite of women. However, white and translucent colors are still as a prima donna. Different kinds of other gems were also present in a sophisticated line of jewelry, so a new alternative is for jewelry lovers.

Ruby, sapphire, emerald and pearls designed so beautifully formed and was unable to compete with the bright glow of diamonds. For centuries, the diamond is the number one gift choice for men who want her boyfriend persuaded. In the past, the diamond much contested and pride of the nobility. Diamonds revered as a mystical and spiritual nature, and immortality. Diamond eventually regarded as offering the most sublime love.

Unification of two hearts was as ordered by a legitimate after a diamond engagement ring tied on. Of course, choosing a diamond is not easy. It takes skill and a high accuracy in determining the value of the diamonds. The formula 4C (color, clarity, cut and Carat) was the main criterion in determining the price of a diamond.

The uniqueness of diamond is unmatched. Enter the slightest fingerprint would be natural that a diamond with one another. This is exactly what makes the diamond more brilliant than other diamonds. The more facets in the diamond, the light beam and refracted light produced when a rainbow of brilliant colors. The higher the value.


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