Friday, January 7, 2011

Earphones Zippers, Complete Your appearance

Earphones Zippers
If you already know the zip as a popular device for mempertautkan two sides of the fabric. Now, you'll be amazed by the latest technological developments. Because the zipper at the moment can complement earphones look.

Zippers are often used in clothing, luggage, handbags, sporting goods, equipment, tents, and articles of textiles or leather. But now, the zipper can be used as an earpiece or a small two speakers in the ear.

Earphone zipper not only makes an appearance became more and more chic, but also can fill your gadget collection. So that was launched from Genius Beauty, Friday (1/7/2011).

Because equipped with a long cable, earphones are generally easy to wrinkle. With earphones zipper, the used casing is too long and feature zipper at the bottom, allowing the users experiencing these problems.

DGA is a design headphones earphones last zip. Manufacturer promising users free of resentment listening to music or receive calls with a tangle-free earpiece.


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