Thursday, January 6, 2011

This is Valerie Bertinelli Wedding Dress

Valerie Bertinelli Wedding Dress
Actress Valerie Bertinelli has been married to his old friend Tom Vitale on January 1. Stars' Hot in Cleveland was married in the presence of about 100 people in Malibu. And, this is the wedding dress worn Valerie.

The dress was designed by David Meister in less than two weeks. The adoption of the Hollywood glamor wedding dress in the year 1940 with the neck and sleeves are closed, Valerie looked at her dress.

Fashion industry is also with the crack front legs for a dose of "modern sexy"when the color was a favorite of Valerie. Once reports People magazine quoted from Showbizspy, Wednesday (01/05/2011).

"This illustrates all the best," says Christopher Lane, a personal trainer Valerie.

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"That's the way you want to see if in a wedding dress, you feel sexy, slim, and comfortable in his own skin. Valerie loved her shape," he continued.

Valerie Christopher also compares very sexy body united with her wedding dress.

"He has a narrow waist, great legs, hips and she has beautiful breasts. The dress is showing off a slim waist and see all her curves in the right way. And that's a nice color, " he said.

Valerie is married to her lover seven years, in recent years. He also makes an eclectic guest list, including the family and loved family members.

The wedding invitation guest Valerie is a proponent of "Hot in Cleveland's " Jane Leeves and Wendie Mallick, Mackenzie Phillips and Pat Harrington of "One Day at a Time" sitcom Valerie longest career in 1970.

Not just a colleague, ex-Valerie's husband, Eddie Van Halen was also present, his wife Janie Liszewski.

Valerie and Tom met in 2004 and got engaged during a romantic holiday to Italy in March. This is the second marriage for women was 50 years. Previously, Valerie filed for divorce from rocker Eddie Van Halen in 2005 after they were together almost 25 years.

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