Monday, January 17, 2011

Hip-eyeglasses Trends in early 2011

Angelina Jolie with Bottega Veneta
Starting in 2011, Optical Melawai collection comes with a fresh new design. Several glasses have also detailed a trendy, stylish, luxurious, dynamic, and other characteristics of each brand, of course, with perfect quality.

Clothing has fulfilled the closet, shoes are ready, the bag not to lose trends. Is there anything left of the perfection of your appearance? The answer, glasses.

For spring / summer are linked to the fun, this time a collection optic Melawai taste and bold new look for you. Sunglass Collection Spring / Summer 2011 eyewear collection can be found in optical Melawai with over 220 branches throughout Indonesia.

Bottega Veneta

Fresh design with unique details and unexpected property Bottega Veneta glasses collection. Butterfly effect it has great proportions and curved lines. Textured silver butterfly shaped signature Bottega Veneta show ultrafeminin development. Glass made of acetate and equipment look very glamorous. Bottega Veneta is available in gray interesting.


Gucci sunglasses are the characteristics of optical and sunglass frames elegantly designed. 1970-1980 era Glass-inspired style in which the silhouette of differentiated lens shape box, rectangular or round. Design of butterfly-shaped frame and details are made of optyl. Insert bamboo in the center helped beautify the collections are available in colors like blue chocolate, black powder, black and shiny.


Avant-garde collection of sunglasses by Alexander McQueen has a dynamic character. Butterfly-shaped frames decorated with textured hair color is made of acetate multiorganik three layers. Color pallet collections such as the stylish blue / lime, red / beige, brown / cream / black, and white / blue.


Dior glasses are so elegant made using acetate materials. The beauty of design and a detailed gold stripes adorn the sides of the frame. Collections are available in brown and light violet color of the transparent glass look very seductive and feminine. Details sunglasses a great emphasis ribbons, crystal added, and the Dior logos make it very attractive. Collections are available in purple.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Collection comes with an innovative shape and detail design icons, brand, line texture, multicolored, small screws, and tape, which all clearly visible. Last sunglass Marc by Marc Jacobs is very modern and attractive attention.

Rudy Project

Maya is the newest kolesi Rudy Project uses sport flip-up technology. By using a removable nylon rx, Prescription lenses can be comfortably put in the frame, while protecting the lens size Lens Photochromic Plano. This is her glasses with all the features you would expect from a premium Italian sport sunglasses. Collections are available in white / gray and gray / black ash.

Marc Jacobs

Collection comes with a very fine vintage form as well as elegant and chic colors. Sunglass must-have "This latest model has a unique texture and interesting silhouette with beautiful colors.


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