Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lindsey Wixon Alexander McQueen Icon

Lindsey Wixon
Although Alexander McQueen is gone, but brand is owned by famous designers still grace the fashion world. Model Lindsey Wixon has also been appointed to the icon of the fashionista world design.

Alexander McQueen is a genius designer who has strong contributions from his entire career. To collect the spring / summer 2011, the model Linda Wixon become the new face of each collection that represents the brand.

Models 16 years will be starring in a collection of spring / summer 2011, which will appear in stores, billboards and the fashion house of the website. So that was quoted from Female First, Thursday (01/13/2011).

In the photo shoot, a model who appeared in Versace advertising campaign, her hair neatly woven into a grid, and wearing a sleeveless shirt with finely toothed edges. Pose when it is decorated with butterfly background and flirty.

This ad campaign is directed by Sarah Burton, who took over as creative director after the designer label McQueen died tragically, committed suicide in February.

After taking over the role of fashion legend, the real owner of Lee's sworn collection that truly launched on behalf of itself, but still pay homage to McQueen.

"People ask, what about Sarah? But I've worked for so long, there are a large part of my works in their collections during this trip," he said.

"I will not touch McQueen remove the net. I will always be elements of McQueen to record, but at the same time, you can not stand still and stay true to yourself. You should be able to find work," he concluded .


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