Friday, January 7, 2011

5 Tips Use white clothing

White clothing is always popular, especially in summer. There are a few simple rules that will help you always stylish and charming in her white dress.

For you who want to look stylish in a white dress, here are some rules that are derived from Genius Beauty.

The white color makes you look bigger

When a person dressed in a white dress, remember that these colors will make you look more visual.

Your white clothes and accessories can completely or for more contrast. But do not choose the color of the accessories that blend with the white clothes. The combination of classic black and white top and bottom are still popular, but this style is more suited to a formal event.

Choosing accessories for white clothes

Beige or yellow shoes would look great with a white dress worn in the summer. Better to wear a white dress with jewelry made of wood, brass, or gold.

White clothing will look good with precious or semi precious stones. Options bag would you wear can be any color. But, do not choose the accessory that has accumulated, because all attention will be focused on them than you.

Do not wear white clothes that are too tight

Every fashionista wants to look attractive and sexy when they go to a party. Not advisable to wear very tight white dress. Choosing a classic style place.

Tip for wearing white pants

Perform special attention when you go to a white trousers. Select the correct thickness of the fabric. A very thin fabric usually semitransparan, so probably a good idea to buy thong underwear, if you do not have.

Treat your white dress properly

The white color attracted much attention, so you must ensure that your white clothes are always perfect, clean, neat and well ironed.


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