Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pregnant, Victoria Beckham Wear High Heel football field during

Victoria Beckham often wears a black dress in a variety of occasions. Recently, he wore the same color as the fruit accompany him to play football, he even add high heels.

Vic, who was pregnant with the fourth accompany his youngest son, Cruz, in a football field in Los Angeles. What makes someone shaking his head, Christian Louboutin high heel as high as five inches of wearing black.

Could be, did her husband, David Beckham, disagreed with the choice of his appearance, but the former Spice Girl looks great.

He perfected his legs just boots with black tights and a thin suede jacket over her pregnancy. Even her nail polish was caught on camera as she holds the phone with a performance-fit 37-year-old woman has a gothic theme.

Meanwhile, Cruz looks running around in the garden shorts and t-shirts in blue, without the presence of two brothers. Similarly, as reported by Daily Mail, Tuesday (05/31/2011).

The plan, Vic gave birth to her fourth child in early July. Despite choosing to give birth in the U.S., Beckham has been rumored to return to England and settled in the summer. This family will stay at their mansion in Hertfordshire, England.


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