Friday, May 27, 2011

Finalists of Miss Indonesia 2011 beauty with wear kebaya

Putu Tri Bulan Utami
Three days after the quarantine, the appearance of Miss Indonesia 2011 looks more casual. But now, they are very nice to wear kebaya.

If the day quarantine, the finalists had since morning to the make-up session to attend before participating in the event that the agenda briefing routine quarantine. On the fourth day, the calendar contains the agenda of the briefing finalists knowledge and build your own potential.

This morning at approximately 8:00 pm, a total of 33 finalists already Albergo space located on the fifth floor apartment Belezza, Permata Hijau, Jakarta, Friday (05/27/2011).

The finalists appear elegant kebaya private collections they carry themselves. In general, they are usually offered kebaya promise which they had prepared long ago.

Finalists from Bali, for example. Grade 2 high school girls are so beautiful Balinese kebaya clad. Putu Tri Utami months or confidential hot this month admitted to not to be confused with the affairs of kebaya that become mandatory item for a period of quarantine.

"There is no special preparation for the kebaya that I use today. Incidentally, I was collecting traditional kebaya for the needs of worship in the temple," said the pretty girl.

Followed the Moon, he deliberately chose a white kebaya for today because of the flexible color combined with all subordinates.

"Currently I have to combine it with songket Bali to make it more attractive," continued Mon

Other finalists, of Jambi Nety Riana Sari said, the kebaya worn today is not the custom designs. It is simply to highlight areas they represent, Nety use the "pending", a type of traditional band of brass plate that is attached to the waist.

"There is no special preparation for this day to view. I only have the collection I have and mix with Jambi batik as a subordinate," he said.

It was also recognized finalists from Papua, Johanna Sharon. Although no special preparation, Johanna really think that will bring color kebaya during quarantine.

"My guide is the most important thing is 'fashionable' watch committee in accordance with a reference to a modern kebaya bring.'s Why I deliberately use the color of gold" for my face clear look, "he admitted.


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