Monday, May 16, 2011

Gisele Bundchen Release Brazilian Intimate

Gisele Bundchen
As Victoria's Angel, Gisele Bundchen's career always uphill. After making a success as an underwear model for Victoria's Secret 2007, Gisele finally launched his own collection of lingerie that are labeled with Brazilian Intimate.

Working with Brazilian lingerie company, Hope, the highest paid model by Forbes was seen wearing some of her own lingerie collection when it was released to coincide with the Sao Paulo Fashion Week on Thursday (12 / 5) local time. It is quoted Female First, Monday (05/16/2011).

For the first collection, Gisele demonstrate lace and satin lingerie made ​​of pink, followed by black lingerie skirt accented frame expands, and the black lingerie, complete with headdress of black feathers, which Gisele is a collection of dream come true.

On the show, Gisele said, "Life is about dreams, and I am very happy to see Brazilian Intimate will be present for you. My dream with Hope. With this, I present Intimate Brazilian Gisele Bundchen, congratulations and enjoy the show. "

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