Monday, May 16, 2011

Beauty Secrets Dr. Jessica Wu

Here is the secret to beautiful and healthy skin of the beauty experts trust Hollywood celebrities get. Especially for you ...

If you frequently monitor the evolution of beauty or Hollywood celebrities often follow a beauty and health programs broadcast by U.S. television stations, you know Dr. Jessica Wu. He is a specialist in dermatology at Harvard Medical School graduate and is currently open beauty practices in Los Angeles, California. The first book of his work FEED YOUR FACE become best-selling beauty book.

And if an expert would be a lot of Hollywood celebrities on facial skin care and beauty treatments and rely on Dr. Jessica Wu. You want a beautiful skin like Hollywood celebrities to envy, or simply want a beautiful skin, such as Hollywood celebrities have. Because in this article, Dr. Jessica Wu will share beauty tips to keep your skin to stay healthy as charming.

1. Make sure you Enjoy Healthy Breakfast

No breakfast for slim and beautiful? Absolutely wrong. As Dr. Jessica Wu would advise you not to skip breakfast every day. Breakfast with healthy menu options that will include blood sugar control during the day. This will be spared from wrinkles, acne and dull skin caused by not getting ration nutrients in the morning. In addition to regular healthy breakfast menus will keep your weight at an ideal rate.

So what is a healthy breakfast? Dr. Jessica Wu encourage you to stay away from fatty foods and contain all kinds of donuts (a sweet dough that much butter) Danish. Give an adequate intake of protein, such as homemade peanut butter spread on toast or an omelette for a particular piece of fresh tomatoes. Want a quicker? Mix the plain / Greek yogurt with your favorite fruit berries. Alternatively, given a bit of instant oatmeal topped with raisins and almonds.

2. Can eating pizza

Okay, then rejoice because the pizza to be junk food, Dr recommended. Jessica Wu. However, not all types of pizza you enjoy. Avoid greasy pizzas with thick toppings such as ground beef, bacon or sausage. A good choice for a beautiful skin is a pizza with a thin bread made from wheat flour. For toppings, you can choose a pizza with less cheese as a flavor enhancer, chicken for protein, green vegetables and chillies as additional antioxidants.

Had never tasted pizza with wheat bread and toppings consisting of chicken and green vegetables, as proposed by Dr. Jessica Wu? Believe me, it feels so good with pizza toping with a pile of meat, bread, thick and rich cheese. Even the pizza is featured Dr. Jessica Wu far from impressed by 'eneg' and more fresh, your skin should be happy too.

3. Preventing Dairy

Bad milk can make the skin smooth, but not by consuming milk. For a perfectly smooth skin, you have a little (not even) consume any dairy products (animal milk and other dairy products) such as liquid milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream and other dairy products. Why refuse to consume the product? Because dairy products are closely associated with the production of acne. If you often have to deal with acne, try to implement this suggestion.

Even looks strange, but recent research shows that milk and other dairy animal was the initiator of the skin with a red rash, skin inflammation, swelling of the skin with pus, including worsening of acne. Even if you choose organic milk, but the effect is the same as animal proteins in the milk will affect your hormones by increasing the amount of oil and clog pores.

If you do not consume animal milk, what about minerals? Dr. Jessica Wu recommends you get minerals from other products. You can switch to soy milk or milk made from almonds.

4. Eat tomatoes every day to Sun Securities Fight

Fresh tomatoes and raw tomatoes can be a shield from the inside to protect the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight. This is certainly very encouraging since Indonesia is endowed fresh tomatoes and easily available. To make tomato paste which could be a natural additives in a different scale, it would be better if you created or tomato instant buy.

Therefore tomato paste in a food that is recommended to maintain skin beauty? In tomato, lycopene compound contained very high. These compounds are antioxidants that can protect your skin from the inside. By regularly eat tomatoes every day, then your skin will always be protected from the dangers of UV rays.

5. Eat First Home, a new party

It is wrong if you maintain the habit of making myself hungry all day and then a big meal while attending a party (because the food was free and delicious.) Hollywood celebrities have a habit contrary, they always eat before going to a party. So they will come to the party in full condition and not be tempted to lot of fattening foods and snacks that are often lower levels of collagen to be tasted.

And ... shows that celebrities make their own snacks from home while attending a party or an event in their pockets (the opposite of our food habits that carry a show home). Dr. Jessica Wu also said the same that he most likes a snack of walnuts, roasted vegetables and pea spread with almond butter. Hmm ... is not that good and you can apply?

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