Wednesday, May 25, 2011

3 Designer Fashion Icon Will Receive Award at JFFF

Event Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival 2011 will offer fashion icon award trophies for those who are his role in the development of fashion in the country. Name three designers choice will be announced tonight.

"Right. We give awards to three designers who contributed to the popularization of fashion in the country. Who is the figure that, just wait," said Anwar A Salim as president of the 2011 Committee, contacted via JFFF Legal the mobile phone, not so long ago.

Anwar added that the fashion icon award winning elections, so a rigorous selection of the jury to follow. The jury had the honor of this year, including observer mode Bagja Estuary, Taruna K Kusmayadi, and others.

The criteria for the award-winning, Taruna K Kusmayadi who contacted separately told in brief.

"The prize was the originator of the concept of ready-to-wear in Indonesia, the man credited with reviving the fashion embroidery, and designers who successfully make a ready-to-wear, " explains the designer who often called the Nuna.

The three designers who get the prize, Nuna is still reluctant to reveal. "Tonight would know anyway," said Nuna.

Fashion icon award previously held several times in the arena JFFF. In 2006, three icons are selected, ie, Iwan Tirta, and Peter Sie Okky Asokawaty. A year later elected Pia Alisyahbana, Ali Sadikin, and Susan Budiardjo.

Then in 2008, Poppy Dharsono, Edward Hutabarat, and Kris Kristofferson. Then in 2009, gave the award to Rudy JFFF Hadisuwarno, Martha Tilaar and Santosa Doellah. Fashion Icon Award for 2010 reached Josephine Komara or Obin, Ninuk Mardiana Pambudi and Christine Barki.

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