Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fertility Treatment Kate Middleton & Prince William

Apparently, no one under greater pressure to get pregnant than Kate Middleton and Prince William. If a new royal princess, one of the "job" is to bring an heir to the throne.

Shocking news came from the wedding Kate Middleton Prince William last month. The woman with the title Duchess of Cambridge was reportedly unable to have children, aka infertile.

According to In Touch Weekly, mother-in-law Kate, Camilla Parker Bowles, informed his family and members of the kingdom, they can not have children because of illness he suffered as a teenager having an impact on fertility may have . However, not explained in detail the disease in question.

Of course the news people around the palace, including Prince Charles, chills. The royal biographer Andrew Morton, said that even if Kate was not pregnant within nine months ahead, which means that he is the 200 years of British tradition of fighting.
Kate and William's marriage as a fairy tale that is very nice and we can see in real life. It is clear that both are probably old methods to a baby.

Natural way to do healthy food: sprouts (small coal, which has green leaves). According to the July 2011 edition of Vanity Fair, William ordered the vegetables with some cream cheese to their diet during honeymoon in the Seychelles villa.

Sprouts rich in folic acid, food ingredients which is often associated as a director of the pregnancy naturally makes. His character as a detoxification help maximize health and weight of pregnant women candidates. As is known, acid
Folic acid is also very important for developing brains and nervous system of children.

Some other news is revealed in the latest issue of Vanity Fair they show Kate and William as the cover model is:

- Some of the photos that never publicly showed photographer Mario Testino, who took command immediately after the announcement of Kate and William's last November.

- Although Kate and William are officially the title as the Duke and Duchess, William will have status as the prince, that means they should get to keep Princess status.

- Immediately after the binding oath, a jacket and dress to replace both with a blanket so they can sit back and enjoy their own royal wedding coverage.

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