Friday, May 20, 2011

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Liu Wen, Asian Model
Louis Vuitton flagship store in Shanghai, China. Now the fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, the Asian region as their primary market. For many actors, fashion, fashion mecca it leads to Europe and America. However, speaking markets, Asia is the future.

Asian fashion market is the most important issue in the Asian Fashion 2011yang Summit is one of the main agenda in the arena of Asian Fashion Exchange (Dow Jones) in Singapore, which expires on May 22

In the fashion-Asia summit, as many as 30 actors and fashion insider fashion abroad participating in seminars and discussions on the future of the fashion world, especially the increasing consumerism in Asia in recent years.

Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive of Spring Singapore, the organizer of Fashion Asia Summit 2011 - said that Asia is a region that continues to grow, especially in the field of fashion consumerism.

"Enhancing the living standards of Asia, especially in the upper middle class, attracting the attention of the international fashion players, especially from Europe and America," said Tan.

Tan unveiled the prediction rate of consumption fantastic Asian community in the areas of fashion, of course, was the main helper foreign buyer. "In 2013, Euromonitor, the retail and fashion shoes estimates in the Asia Pacific region could reach USD481 one billion figure," he said.

It can be confirmed as China's most populous country in the world, the biggest market. In fact, today is China's main market for luxury product labels from Europe and America, with a total expenditure reached USD16, 6 billion in 2010.

Therefore logical that a number of exclusive fashion labels like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and competed with the attention of consumers in Shanghai and Beijing, two major fashion capital of Asia.

Recently, Ermenegildo Zegna, men's fashion labels on board, reported profit in 2010 more than tripled to 60 million Euro.Adapun greatest contribution of Chinese consumers. Not only in terms of consumption, Asia also lure players from the international fashion creativity. This shows that Asia has its own power in terms of fashion, both as consumers and producers.

On the international runway, began in New York to Paris, often seen competing Asian names like Alexander Wang, Jason Wu, and Prabal Gurung.Adapun in modeling, the faces of Asia not to lose international start runway and to beautify. Among them, Liu Wen, who became the first Asian model for Victoria's Secret or Sui Who was the first Asian model in Ralph Lauren show in New York Fashion Week show.

Meanwhile, local fashion labels, such as Charles & Keith in Singapore, now has a pretty solid position in the international market. Technology also helps raise the prestige of the Asian market on the world map of consumerism. The existence of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and creating a more international fashion players excited to try the Asian market.

"Technology, especially the Internet, changing the retail landscape is constantly because they influence consumer consumption patterns," says Tan.

In a number of e-commerce site, launched an international scale, such as e-Bay and regional scale, such as style mint, noting that Asia is a large part of consumer spending takes. It is spoken Macala Lee Wright, CEO of Digital Fashionably in a seminar on "Fashion's Brave New World: the impact of social media on how we design, market, brand and retail." Douglas Benjamin, Creative Director Raoul, local fashion label that Singapore is currently e-commerce and fcommerce play an important role for the private market.

"With social media, fashion labels, consumers reach better," he said, adding, Raoul had also the power of e-commerce embraced by "placing" collection at the online boutique Shopbob.

AFX case was a vehicle to the attention of the international fashion players Blueprint exhibition as a highlight to attract. More than 100 fashion brands from the fashion capitals of Asia, including Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila and Singapore, will present their collections in the presence of 200 foreign buyers.

"Last year, we get encouraging results of the Blueprint and the last two seasons, is the marketing of our products to Europe, in Italy and England. So, I'm very excited with the Blueprint 2011," he said.

Meanwhile Kleting Titis Wigati, young designers from Indonesia, which carry the label, KLE, to Blue Print for the event in Singapore, admittedly nervous all at once enthusiastic.

"Frankly, we were nervous, but this is a great opportunity for young designers like us to introduce and study of the retail industry," said Kleting which came with "a group of young Indonesian designers, including Dana and Maulana Adrian Rama of the Dauhan Danjyo Hiyoji, ├ůmot Syamsuri young of Isis, and of Soe.Hoe Soetjipto Huy Yeah.

"Hopefully, the results are encouraging," he said, greeted his friends nodding agreement.

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