Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fit For a Queen

Tips fit and beautiful style of Queen Latifah! I have a great body? Who's afraid!

Got a big body that does not mean too lazy to exercise or not sure. See Queen Latifah action in the first character of a sports portrayed in the new film JUST Wright. In fact, recently launched his new book, Queen on your CROWN. How secret agency 'confidence'queen ', who admired by many people?

Sports Short

"Every shot I always have a bike. If there is free time I kicked around the set. We make a movie JUST WRIGHT New York, I was cycling around the streets of Manhattan."

Spectacular show

"Every workout was over, I feel fine. I'm happy with the appearance of clothing and workout pants, sneakers, caps and sports. Moreover, the skin as red, hair wet with sweat pouring, I feel beautiful."

Crop Fun

"I grew up with home cooking, including grilled chicken, green vegetables and baked. I'm happy with vegetables and now I have fatty meat and fried food with turkey meat. spare It's OK to eat that tasty, but not se all the time, right? "

Show off curves

"My friends nicknamed me woman naked girl, because SATA like wearing sexy clothes and mini in the house. I am addressing this form of the body. Pacing home with a skirt and bare buttocks crowded supermini from me!"

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