Monday, May 16, 2011

Wear dress Spiderwoman, JLo Show off Bottom

Jennifer Lopez

Although already a mother of two twins, Max and Emme, Jennifer Lopez's body is still amazing with phenomenal ass. Aware of, the singer known in this JLo said showing off style dress Spiderwoman sexiness.

American Idol judges is looking very sexy in her tight dress accented with gossamer silver color. The attractive, Jlo dancing to the beat. Her blonde hair down with a touch of makeup is not too thick, JLo balance the bling-blingnya dress by wearing a diamond ring on her finger left and right. It is quoted in Daily Mail, Monday (05/16/2011).

Besides Spider Woman dress, women 41 years also showed their professionalism on stage by singing the song "On The Floor" though the music accompaniment was dead and no one can hear her voice.

JLo still singing and waving at the stage technicians to repair the damage, and went to a concert like no one error.

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