Friday, May 13, 2011

Shoes Unique Multifunction of Karl Lagerfeld style

Shoes Unique Multifunction
As creative director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld's fashion popularized the most good. Therefore, every result is unique fashion taste in having always the fashionista. Apparently, now Lagerfeld showed the unique design of a multifunctional shoe that with knee-high pants.

In the case of monochrome collection of suits held on cruise ships catwalk Chanel, Lagerfeld with the latest shoe fashionistas will soon be hunted. Clothing is paired with sandals and boots flipflip Mary Janes, looks strange shapes made with knee-high. But it seems the shoe is designed for a specific audience.

After the show, the man was 73 years to provide information about his latest collection, which is a photograph of women in Cannes, the woman who likes to wear real diamonds and pearls in the bathtub. After all, you can not wear fake jewelry.

"Certainly not aimed at the average woman. It's about the bottom that looks very luxurious," said Lagerfeld who disitat Daily Mail, Friday (05/13/2011).

With such footwear, mission accomplished. Fashion Therapy Daily Mail Liz Jones reveals footwear was shortened to the bottom.

"Is the footwear is intended for women who just do French pedicure and do not want to waste their toes look pretty? Whether they are for women who want to wear slippers, but was not their legs?" he added.

Though many involved in these hybrid shoes, but Daily Mail reported that Prada has started selling Mary Jane's shoes.

From a distance, leather shoes berbanderol 900 pounds looks like a pair of Mary Janes other normally. If a closer examination shows the use of additional elements pale skin to knee and gave a weird prosthetic effects.

Dior Homme has a full boots with socks, but made removable. They launched the item with the price of 530 pounds. Meanwhile, the price of Chanel boots flip has not been released.

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