Monday, May 9, 2011

Show off the clothes of the supermini, Ciara Forgot Wear underwear

R & B singer Ciara know exactly how to expose her sexiness. But alas, this time chanter "goodies" to criticize his performance. In her superiors supermini, Ciara, who appeared without subordinates seemed to forget that not wearing underwear.

As a model and singer Ciara would be very selective about the clothes bear. But on Sunday (8 / 5) local time, in the middle of a walk in West Hollywood, Ciara seems to want the fresh breeze between her legs to feel.

Although only wearing a top made ​​of gray sweatshirt, Ciara showing off feet long. The 25-year-old woman improve her appearance with bracelets and watches a black, long necklaces, and gladiator sandals. It is quoted Dailymail, Monday (09/05/2011).

Ciara has always tried to make her beautiful body shape of food and exercise to keep hard-working.

"Our body is 85 percent of what we eat, and we produce 15 percent of the sport. Sports that I like to do is dance. Dancing is a fun sport," says Ciara told Entertainment Tonight.

Despite maintaining food intake, but Ciara is not abstinence and undergo a strict diet.

"I like to eat, I'm not going to make myself crazy by finding what I want. I'm always happy when eating pizza or hamburgers, " he concluded.

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