Monday, May 16, 2011

How to Choose Hot Pants fit body shape

Favorite hot pants
Want to look sexy with hot pants? Watch out, you should not mistake selecting and worsens the appearance of your body. Come, follow this tip!

Sexy hotpants really impressed, because the number shown from the body, then his election should also handle fit. Because if you make a wrong choice, then it is bad for your overall appearance. So, what to consider for wearing hot pants? Check out reviews of Idiva.

Small waist, Slim Leg

Pants that fits you, hot pants

How to use:

1. Show me the impression of the foot to make it look longer.

2. Make sure you wear comfortable, so it seems interesting.

3. Match the outfit with a piece halter or racerback tank to show off your arm.

Big Thighs

Matching trousers, mini shorts above the knee length and not too tight.

How to use:

1. Make sure that the short size you choose the right length. Choose pants with a form under "A"and is above your knees, so let your knees ideal.
2. Choose shorts that are not on your feet. Instead, choose something that is comfortable and looks a bit loose.

Large buttocks

The right pants, shorts that cover the knees wear.

How to use:

1. Fri-length shorts that will make your butt look less full and interesting.

2. Contest with a tunic that covers your back. Wear a plain top and the details in the neck to the focus of people away from the lower part of your problems.

Athletic legs

The right pants, shorts or shorts worn with a balloon-shaped belt.

How to use:

1. Shorts-shaped balloons will indicate the volume on some indentation of the body.

2. Shorts accented with beautiful colors are very effective for these types of cover.

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