Sunday, January 3, 2010

Making Eyes Shining Blur more visible

One feature of the eyes of the Indonesian women is a feature that often "fall". These conditions make the face look fresh and not melancholy. A voice or an eyes application eyeshadow can look more "boring". What should happen?

For more memorable eyes wide, to consider not only the color eyeshadow. Here are some steps that can be made:

1. Do not follow the shape eyebrows eye corners, it will make eyes look "down". Thin eyebrows shading his eyes to face no longer visible "heavy".

2. For the eyelids, use muted colors such as beige, cream, beige, light gray, brown and pink.

3. Then dab dark eyeshadow in the corner of the eye. This is what can help the eyes look fresh. Choose colors like brown and dark gray. In applying it, pull up a little eyeshadow. The result, your eyes look wider.

4. Use eyeliner to your eyes look more wide. Select the color of dark eyeliner, such as brown and black. But avoid light-colored eyeliner because it only will your eyes look small.

5. The last step is most important is the application of black mascara eyelashes maskara.Gunakan can melentikkan. Mascara that gives the impression of thicker lashes only to the eyes heavy. If you attend an event that lasted a long time, choose a formula for waterproof mascara.


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