Saturday, January 30, 2010

6 Types of Shoes That Have The Necessary

How many pairs of shoes do you have? If Imelda Marcos, his collection can be thousands of pairs. But if you belong to do not like clothing, shoes perhaps less than 10 in number. But whatever their activity, at least there are six types of shoes you must have to be used at certain times.

Classic black Pumps
According to director of creative Oprah magazine, Adam Glassman, black pumps have the same functions as the little black dress. This shoe is a must-have items that can be used at any time, with (almost) all clothing. In any case, this is the shoe "insurance" for every mood.

When the day are using pumps to the office, could not hurt you replace it with flats or flat shoes to a mall or a casual event,. Although flat sole, does not mean that this type of shoes can make you look stylish. Are these shoes suede or leather, neutral or metallic colors, solid or patterned, plain or decorative, can be paired with jeans, capri, or even a skirt. Shoes Teplek well can be used even during the business meeting.

Thong sandals
Does using the right stilettos, platforms, wedges, or other models, the shoes you need to use strips with sexy clothes. If not used very often, simply select a neutral color like black or brown. But if you really want to have one pair, genjreng can choose colors like red or gold.

Kitten Heels
Kitten Heels have been classified as a right, so you can manipulate to their height, but comfortable to wear. This heel adds a feminine touch on almost all clothes. You can choose the model Slingback (cords in the back), slides (flip-flops), pumps, or sneakers.

If you're used to playing basketball or volleyball, you can wear street shoes. If you often go jogging or adventure sports, you can use a cross trainer type. It would be best if you choose a brand which has guaranteed quality, such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok or New Balance, which gives a bit of Nice on the wrist.

Shoe model
Whether you choose the model Slingback, T-straps, ankle straps, boots, Mary Jane, wedges or platforms 12 cm high, is yours. Please buy according to their unique, or you can show your staff

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