Thursday, January 14, 2010

Applying Style Vintage

Style of many women today are inspired by fashion trends from decades past decade, or we are familiar with the term vintage. Although copying the older style, but modifications can make a fresh attendance and did not die style. Dress, high heels, and accessories, ranging from necklaces, earrings, ring, Bangles, again become a trend now.

Here inspiration call \"jadul\" is still fresh and up-to-date:

'20-Era call of
* Not formally, but not likewise casual.
* The dress can be used for any event, so early to the office, the night is still suitable for a party.

Save: satin or silk dress, high heels shoes, a necklace.

'30-Era call of
Jewelry and accessories become an important part of appearance, so use eye catching accessories and suitable for use every day.

Save: Accessories necklaces, rings, bracelets, Bangles.

'40-Era call of
Looks strong in the arm, and the circle grew smaller in the waist. Modern permanent display, and this call makes the hips and waist look smaller.

Save: cotton skirts, garment from rayon and polyester materials, necklaces as accessories.

Style of '50s era
Bag became favourite in this era, especially handbags (handbag).

Save: Handbag, dress, accessories bracelets.

Style of '60s era
Canal polka dot or polka dot skirt, when it makes a brighter appearance. Bright colours with a touch of pop art culture is very strong in his time, even now.

* Skirt or overalls with a polka dot pattern or geometric.
* Skirt cotton and polyester.
* Pants tight.
* Canal wool.
* Accessories earrings more prominent.
* High heels.

Style of '70s era
Shoes with a solid right and comfortable to wear anywhere trend of this era. You could say that high heels easy to use become very popular, including the present.

Store: High heels.

Style of the 80s era
Leggings are not only belong to the dancers, and this model is favourite with anyone. In addition to comfortable to wear, leggings were made with a superior action of short styles but remain closed until the end of the leg.

Save: Legging cotton and spandex, canal or short blouses, accessories necklace.


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