Thursday, December 31, 2009

Two for Medium Hair Style

Medium was needed her attention to another set to appear. Try the following trick to make the appearance look different.

High bouffant
Suitable for those who have short hair.
What you need: hair clips, hair spray, thin comb and brush.

1. Lift each section of hair, then spray hairspray at the roots to add volume.
2. For her two horizontal mode.
3. Use a thin brush or comb hair to make Sasak at the top of the head. Cover with no tersasak her.
4. Hairpin at the back of your head, right at the bottom of the elevated her and do not fall apart.

Bob Wavy Hair
Suitable for those who sedagu her.
What you need: or curly hair curlers, hair pins and hairspray.

1. If your hair is too straight and you want to add volume to the hair in sections and sandwiches to see picture 2. If you have a hair curling iron, curly hair curly with a vertical position to spiral curls.
2. After it was certainly his wavy, hair pulling to the back of the head, then pin the hair with tweezers. Spray with hairspray.
3. Once cool enough, remove the pins, and trim the hair with your fingers to release the curls wavy look.
4. Armed with a light hairspray.

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