Monday, January 18, 2010

Virtual Lingerie Shopping and Valentine's Day

Need to spice things up between you and your honey? How about some lingerie? Too shy to go in person? Or maybe you do not have enough time to go shopping for something sexy. No problem. This year knicker Picker, a lingerie store, has thought of an innovative way to help you buy lingerie online in her dressing room.
To start shopping in knicker selector a customer has to select one of 3 different sizes real-life models on the far left and a piece of lingerie or favorite team in Section 3. The model then exit at the empty white section of the website (the virtual dressing room) and underwear model for which the customer can see what appears. It's the same old regular online shopping, but with real life models.
Want to see what the back of the underwear looks like? Click the arrow and that his return. Want to see what the lingerie looks closely? Click the arrow and are closer to the model closer. Do not like the look of this lingerie, click the following piece (the lovely white or red top with Cami). Within seconds, the model will use selected new underwear. Find what you're looking for and see the right side for ordering information. It's that simple.
Just in time for Valentine's Day is not it?

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