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To be interesting, eyebrow shape according to face

Eyebrow tidy and in accordance with the face shape can add to the beauty of a woman. You can make a woman look attractive in the eyes of man or any other person. Unfortunately, many women who do not understand and do not know what to do to form an eyebrow.
Forms eyebrows often used as a reference point for determining a person's character. For example, forms a thick, black eyebrows gives the impression of firmness and severity. "Therefore, no one steps in shaping the eyebrows," said Danny Fleet, makeup artist D `Glam Salon Boutique. With appropriate measures, in the face of a woman will look more beautiful.

There are several stages in the shaping of the eyebrows. First, identify the various forms of right and left eyebrow. Therefore, we must determine where the eyebrow shape you, "said Danny. If you can determine who want to create an eyebrow, eyebrows can be the eyebrows shaved with shaving.

When he shaved his eyebrows, Danny suggestions, do not be too thin. "If it is too thin, we will see that the real age," he said. After shaving the eyebrows, fill in the blank with eyebrow eyebrow pencil. Eyebrow pencil looks more natural and easy.

If the thin eyebrows, it's good to add some eyebrow pencil strokes. After that, use an eyebrow pencil in a color that matches the hair color. Dark brown natural can get the impression of eyebrows. "If there is an eyebrow pencil, other ways to use color eye shadow dark brown eyebrows," he said.

Having carved with eyebrow pencil, go Danny, use a brow brush, or the call spooly, to brush the eyebrows. Blush Brush slowly to the line of the eyebrow's natural shape and perfect looking.

Remember, the right eyebrow shape can be to correct the face. A man around the forehead, brow slightly shorter form. But the arch of the eyebrows more and made a sharp point. Eyebrows that are too long or too curved downward will make the face look rounder. "The eyebrows made from the inner corner towards the upper end of the ear to cover the round cheeks and thin so impressed," said Danny.

Whereas for a square face, more Danny worked at the point where the middle ear so that the square face look narrow. After that, eyebrows like a bow shape with a little curvature point alumni.

For a long face shape, eyebrows shaped horizontal curve slightly at the outer end of the eyebrow. This can minimize the long face shape. Arch of the eyebrows is the highest located closer to the end of the eyebrow.

For the oval face shape, eyebrows form with a curved tip and lead to the bottom of the ear. The shape of the eyebrows arched like a bow, slightly elongated, and pointed at the tip of the ear. "The eyebrows, not only for the correct form of the face, but can also be used to correct the eye," he said.

For women with a remote distance from the eye, tricks are softened outer edge of the front and make the baseline beyond the end of the inner eye. So the basis of the eyebrows to look more closely. For women with a distance that is too close to the eyes can menyiasatinya, so that the eyes seem a little distant, by plucking or shaving the inside edge of the eyebrow. For the small-eye, remove or shave the hair of the eyebrow so that the bottom of the distance between the eyes look larger.

Include distance eyebrows. Try to keep the distance is not too broad. "The ceiling is 1.5 cm" says Danny. If the distance of a wide forehead, nose look bigger. Therefore, do not pull their eyebrows at the outer end of the eyebrow. For most natural and proportionate, disconnect the eyebrows from the inside out with an eye on the direction of motion.

There are some things to know about the eyebrows. Eyebrows long each person is different, the eyebrows, so it does not equate the form with others. "How mengukusnya, place the eyebrow pencil vertically from the eye, ear, nose into the corner. And the eyebrow hair or hair that is out of the area should be eliminated," he said.

Thickness of the eyebrows is also important. "Do not let my eyebrows look thinner," he said. Noteworthy is that the eyebrow, near the bridge of the nose should be thicker than the bottom of the eyebrow.

To shape the eyebrows arch resembles a crescent-shaped eyebrows raise as much as three quarters and the decline in the quarter to end. As the owner of a thin eyebrows, Danny suggested that more careful when composing. "Try not to pull the hair too. Because every time eyebrows look thinner," he continued.

Another way to remove wax is the brow. Hot wax can make forms look neater eyebrows. The system works almost like an eyebrow or Incredibly Deadly Tweezers. "Wax can create shapes eyebrows look cleaner and faster process compared with tweezers" he said.
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