Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Men want your bra and Panty Matching

Underwear against the general, in department stores offer 1 set of bra and panties (CD). But not all women wear a bra and a game CD. Bra that can be used from well-known brand, the brand of CD-Abal Abal. The color and the motive was not necessarily synchronous. For them, the importance of both comfortable to wear.

Take Ayu Dede (31), who claimed not to have a bra and panties in a single game. "Because sometimes if you buy the CD comfortable, but its enggak bra. Or vice versa," said an employee of a company of this publication.

For another woman, wearing a bra and a game CD instead of a necessity, or at least, trying always coincide. "Nah pede bra and panties that his party belonteng. Usually when I buy a bra once the counter asked her underwear, her CD is what? If enggak there, find another bra that is your partner. What priorities, her bra, "said Cynthia Dewi (31), a secretary.

Although no bra and panty visible when you wear safety clothing, but some women feel it is affecting comfort. "Despite the enggak was visible, but deep down felt good. So pls add aja" said Erika (29), the marketing staff. "But that suggestion was also the time, eh?"

He himself did not always use a couple. 1 set of clothes of certain events, like weddings face meetings, or official roads.

Make a shift in
For Angel (38, not her real name), coincidental or not depends on whether he was a partner at the time. "If anyone can see, with a game. On the other singles, home!" Hahaha ... " He exclaimed, adding that the party does not always have a game, always according to the color of it. "But sometimes my taste, really."

Narrative Cynthia, Erika, and Angel, to justify the assumption that women often dress to the satisfaction of their own. But at times I do not deny clothes for your partner. Nothing matters except for a bra and a game CD. Let us ask how the opinions of men.

Their knowledge, these men, each must have a matching bra panty, or a partner. So when there are women who do not wear matching underwear, "just do not understand," they said.

Are they so if you find that ilfil wears a pair of striped underwear belonteng said Cynthia?

"A little anyway. It was not usually want to see his girlfriend perfect body, including how to wear underwear or something. Well, if you make a game as unpleasant enggak wrote, "Addie (38), an employee of a foreign bank.

Still, less "feeling" is not actually affect the overall assessment of the male partner. But the couple found that wearing a bra and a CD is a fun game. For Satria (36), which could generate more desire to make love.

"For example, the time to caress and undress each other couples only, it uses a matched Pingin more. We must add," said this father of a child. "Or, it could be used to enggak felt nothing. Continue enggak see Pake accidentally sets matched pair. Jadinya hot."

Do you? Always wears a matching bra and panty?

Source: Kompas.com

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